learn Greek
versions 4.2 (WIN XP via CDROM), 5.0 (WIN 7 via download) available

learn French CDROM
version 2.0 (WIN XP via CDROM) available now
learn English CDROM
English-as-a-Second Language, English for Home School or Regular School  version 3.1 (WIN XP via CDROM) available now (successfully reviewed by the California Learning Resource Network - WWW.CLRN.ORG - for use in California public schools)

learn English from Greek - Step 1 CDROM
version 2.0 (not available at this time)

learn Latin CDROM
version 1.0 (WIN XP via CDROM), 2.0 (WIN 7 via download) available now

learn Ancient Greek
(Software Download Only)

Ancient Greek verbs software version 1.2 is now available - searchable full conjugation of 286 verbs

Read and Speak Ancient Greek Part 1 version 1.0 is now available

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learn French CD-ROM, French language CD-ROM, French Lessons CD-ROM
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ESL lessons CDROM

Anotek is based in the USA and develops its own language education multimedia courses in CDROM format that are academic and simulate the school environment. Our CDROMs are totally interactive, thorough, multifaceted, self-contained (books/workbooks are not needed), can be played either from the CDROM or the Hard Disk and do not need/use the Internet (the Internet is used solely for marketing purposes to provide demonstrations and product information).  These courses have been designed for both adults and children (8yrs+), home schooling and high achievement schools.  Our courses are used in thousands of homes, schools, libraries, colleges and universities in more than 50 countries.

Our courses are based on a unique and novel memory-efficient computerized system that rapidly processes large numbers of  pictures and sounds.  Learning is accelerated and memory recall is strengthened by (a) thousands of multi-color custom made pictures, (b) a very large number of educational game-like exercises, (c) expert pronunciation, (d) thorough explanation of  language phonetics, (e) multicolor text to highlight parts of key words, (f) illustrated printouts and (g) handwriting exercises. You will find that our pioneering Rapid Language Acquisition Techniques make learning fast, fun and easy.

You can view and print our catalogs online from the Catalog section under the appropriate language.  Price List and ordering instructions are available after you click the ORDERING FORM below.
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Contacts: George Balanis or Toula Balanis ..... Tel: (310)450-5027 ..... Fax: (310)450-0867 ..... E-Mail:

          The English Language CDROM course is at
        This CDROM covers the English material taught in Kindergarten, First and Second Grades, and part
          of Third and Fourth Grades, of Elementary School.  It teaches Reading, Spelling, Pronunciation, Phonetics,
        Vocabulary (over 2000 words) and Handwriting. The course has over 400 lessons using custom-made
          color pictures, multicolor text to highlight the different parts that make up words, multicolor printouts and
          over 10000 educational exercises that are fun to do.   The course is designed for young children at home
          or school, as well as for adults.  Because of the large number of pictures, it is ideal for English-as-a-Second
          Language course.
Revised: 1 Hune 2011
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