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The books go over the same material included in the CD-ROM version. The books do not provide sound but are useful where a computer is not available. Pronunciation of Greek words must be provided by a friend or teacher. The books are fully illustrated with color pictures and text. Book A contains text and exercises for learning vocabulary words, pronunciation rules, the relation of Greek sounds to English sounds, and articles. Book B is a textbook. Book B covers the structure of the Greek language and the major differences between Greek and English. This book contains illustrated grammar for all the parts of speech of the Greek language. Book C is a workbook. It contains the exercises for the material covered in Book B. The books use gorgeous color pictures, many tables and color text.

The complete course consists of about 300 lessons and about 370 sets of exercises that include about 2500 individual exercises. Each lesson consists of one, or more, sets of exercises. The student must read the text (vocabulary and grammar) in order to do the exercises correctly.  The complete course including sound is also available in CDROM form titled Read and Speak Greek/CDROM.

Title: Read and Speak Greek / 3 Books
By: George N. Balanis, PhD, MBA and Toula Balanis, AA
Published by: Anotek, Inc.
Book A: 1 April 1997..ISBN 0-965-0747-3-0
Book B: 1 July 1997....ISBN 0-965-0747-4-9
Book C: 1 July 1997....ISBN 0-965-0747-5-7
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Full color pictures to make learning easy
Hand-designed full color pictures. Text under each picture easily relates picture with Greek words.
Alphabet, Marks, Basic Sounds, Language Structure
The basic sounds of the language are explained. The books describe the alphabet, important spelling and punctuation marks, and the Structure of the Greek Language.
Grammar, Time, Numbers, Sentence Generation
Text and illustrations cover all Parts of Speech, Time, Numbers and generation of Sentences.
Exercises are illustrated to make them attractive and enhance memorizing and spelling.
Sturdy and Easy to Use
The books are in manual form and in full color. They total about 400 pages of good quality paper. Dimensions are 8.5in x 11in (21.6cm x 27.9cm). Binding done with plastic combs.

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