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This course teaches the COMPLETE GREEK language from interactive, multimedia lessons residing in the CDROM. The course requires only the CDROM. There are two versions of the course: version 3.0 and version 4.2.

Course design general characteristics

Read and Speak Greek version 3.0

Read and Speak Greek version 4.2

Read and Speak Greek 3.0
In this version you will learn the following:

You will learn the language material covered in all 6 years of elementary Greek school. After finishing the course, you should be able to read and speak Greek, make sentences and follow conversation. The course is ideal for (a) travelers and visitors that want to learn, speak and understand the native language, (b) students that want to learn Greek, (c) parents/teachers that want to teach Greek to their children/students.  This is the easiest and fastest way to learn Greek from carefully designed Greek lessons. Anotek Greek font included for free.

Read and Speak Greek CD-ROM consists of about 300 easy lessons and uses an environment that is both game-like and academic. The course consists of exercise sets and reading material. Each lesson is consists of exercises and text. On the average, the exercises for each lesson take less than 15 minutes to complete. If needed,  reading material, which takes a total of about 70 hours to complete,  provides deeper understanding. The course assumes zero knowledge of Greek and employs multiple ways (color pictures, sound, multicolor text and handwriting) to strengthen memory recall.  The course uses a simple method to teach quick and easy the material taught in all six grades of elementary Greek school.

The course teaches the following:
(a) how to read, pronounce and spell Greek text,
(b) a vocabulary of about 2500 words, phrases and sentences,
(c) fundamentals of Greek grammar for all 10 parts of speech plus illustrating sentences,
(d) dialogs illustrating key verb usage,
(e) how to make sentences using verbs and other parts of speech,
(f) illustrated color printouts to visually document performance and penmanship homework.

This course is designed for use by schools or at home. The course teaches the material covered in all six grades of elementary school. In order to help the student rapidly understand the language, the course uses (1) custom-made color pictures for easy understanding of words and enhanced memory recall, (2) human sound and phonics for understanding text and its sound representation, and (3) multicolor text for distinguishing roots, endings and prefixes of verbs and nouns. Furthermore, program displays can be magnified to fillt the computer screen. Because of game-like features, the homework is fun to do and can be used repeatedly to refresh student memory.

The CDROM includes for free its own complete Greek font and can be used to write Greek text.

The Greek Course can be run from the CDROM drive or the Hard Disk.

Read and Speak Greek 4.2
Version 4.2 is the same with version 3.0 but the following extra features:
(a)     automatic installation
(b)    audio-visual dictionary of course words
(c)    30 review lessons
(d)     material on the relation between Greek phonetics and spelling
(e)    additional visual-centric view of vocabulary material
(f)     additional material on the Greek alphabet and alphabet sounds
(g)    spelling exercises
(h)    tool for flash card generation

Title: Read and Speak Greek / CD-ROM
By: George N. Balanis, PhD, MBA and Toula Balanis, AA
Published by: Anotek, Inc.
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IBM Compatible Multimedia computer (Pentium), 32MB RAM, 100MB available hard disk space, Printer, Windows XP/ME/98/95/NT 4.0+/2000 (version 3.0), Windows VISTA/XP/2000 (version 4.2).
MacIntosh with "The Virtual PC" program emulating Windows.

Table of Contents
*  Introduction
*  Alphabet
*  Vocabulary
*  Phonetics of Greek sounds
*  Exercises for the Vocabulary
*  Marks of the Language
*  Structure of the Language
*  Parts of Speech
*  Dialogs
*  Exercises for the Grammar
*  Exercises for the Sentences
* Review (v. 4.2 only)

Sample of Customer Comments
* Peter Arettines - USA - (15 October 2011)
It is a great program. Thank you so much for it and all your help. (Version 4.2)
* Irene Moukoulis - USA - (30 September 2008)
I am really enjoying your software and so are my kids. Thanks. (Version 4.2)
* Richard Godsen - USA - (05 March 2008)
So far, I'm pleased with your product. I've studied a number of languages over the years, and your approach is unique. (version 4.2)
* Monique Koumantarakis - South Africa - (14 February 2008)
I really love your CD, I have tried many others but yours is definately the best, I learnt so much... (version 3.0)
* Barbara Delikaris - USA - (13 April 2006)
Now that I'm trying to learn Greek - I find your program very helpful. (version 4.2)
* Gregory Zafros - USA - (03 November 2005)
I'm enjoying the program very much and find it to be exactly what I was looking for. (version 4.2)
* Ellen George - USA - (17 August 2005)
The program is wonderful! (version 4.2)
* Costa Brown - USA (17 August 2005)
I am really enjoying it. It is something I have wanted to do for years. (version 4.2)
* Royston Such - UK - (15 August 2005)
Thanks very much for the Read and Speak Greek CD-ROM which is very good indeed! I already have CD-ROMs in the ... series, which are also very helpful, but yours is something special and is both clear and systematic. I'm very grateful. It is so much better than I dared hope. Your advertising does not do you justice. (version 4.2)
* Devin O'Donnell - USA - (15 August 2005)
The program arrived today, and was installed successfully. You've really done your homework, and I can see that this program is going to be a big help. (version 4.2)
* Daniel Armstrong - USA - (19 July 2005)
Program is great! (version 4.2)
* Virginia Lee Cora - USA - (6 June 2005)
Greetings, George! I have just installed Read and Speek Greek/ v 4.2 and am very much impressed with the thoroughness of the teaching process.
* Dick Bernard - AUSTRALIA - (6 April 2005)
Your program arrived today and I am highly delighted with it. Thank you. (Read and Speak Greek v4.2)
* Angie Turnas - USA - (21 December 2004)
The course is great! (Read and Speak Greek v4.2)
* Antonios E Chryssos - USA - (19 December 2004)
This is a very effective way to teach Greek. The value of illustrations cannot be overstated. My kids do not interact with other Greek children, except when in church. Your program allows them to learn on their own without necessarily my supervision. (Read and Speak Greek v3.0)
* Richard Spencer - USA - (6 December 2004)
I look forward to being able to use your great system even further than I did before. (Read and Speak Greek CDROM v4.2)
* Terry Smith - USA - (16 March 2004)
I still have the program and have found it very useful. (Read and Speak Greek CDROM v3.0)
* Peter Galanis - USA - (9 March 2004)
The program you have created is a wonderful piece of work. You are both to be commended on it and the methodology. I look forward to working with it. (Read and Speak Greek v4.2)
* Christina Bastas - USA - (25 November 2003)
I love it. (Read and Speak Greek CDROM v3.0)
* Carolyn Manhart - USA - (24 November 2003)
From what I've seen of it so far, I think the course is great. Thanks much for making this course available. (Read and Speak Greek CDROM v4.2)
* John Jackson - USA - (19 September 2003)
I've been in Larissa, Greece about 3 months now and your software has helped immensely... for one, I'm the only one in my unit who pronounces most things correctly ...thanks for a great product (v4.2).
* V.L. Dutton - USA - (18 February 2003)
I believe your program is excellent, and am very pleased (v4.2).
* Deb Karahalis - USA - (15 January 2003)
We love it! My three year old and I sit together every afternoon and do the lessons. Thanks!
* Peter J. Jones - UK - (13 November 2002)
I'm delighted with the CDROM (v4.1) ...
* Monique Hermans - NETHERLANDS - (1 November 2002)
I just think your program is great ...
* Kris Wiggett-Jennings - UK - (28 August 2002)
... The CD ROM is fantastic!!! ...
* Kristen A. Updegraff - USA - (20 August 2002)
My name is Kristen Updegraff and I ordered a Read and Speak Greek CD-ROM c4.1 which arrived last week ... and it is wonderful. Thank you so much for providing such a valuable resource!.
* Nicholas Cocoves - USA - (20 August 2002)
I have enjoyed your cd-rom very much, and I think it is far superior to the tapes and books I have used in the past. I look forward to receiving the new version (v4.1), especially the dictionary and the flash card generator.
* William Kolloff - USA - (17 June 2002)
I love the course -- I've been assigned to Athens for up to 2 years, and just learning the alphabet through your course has allowed me to "decode" the Greek signs for streets and stores (v4.1).
* Kristi Kallas - USA (27 April 2002)
I really enjoy the Greek lessons!  I can't believe how easy it is to learn.  I am a visual learner, so the pictures help me to remember the words.  I am very pleased with my purchase.  Thank you for creating this course, so that I can finally learn Greek!
* Jeffrey Serfes - USA - (1 February 2002)
Hello George Balanis , I thought you should know that I am already able to read several of the vocabulary exercises, and usually read them out loud and say the English translation before clicking to hear the voice pronounce it and see the translation. I can't believe how easy your course is. I have wanted to speak the language of my Papou who came from Karditsa for quite some time, I also attend Greek Orthodox Church. Your program is making my access to my Hellenic culture a reality, and I've only had the program since around January 21st.  ... Thank you for putting together the program.  I am sure it is helping a lot of people to learn Greek!! ... You have developed a system that works. I will spread the word. Thanks again Jeffrey.
* Christine Manuel - USA - (10 January 2002)
We have enjoyed the trial copy of your Read and Speak Greek program.  Please send the password so we can continue.  Thank you for putting together the program.  I am sure it is helping a lot of people to learn Greek!!
* Steven Theoharidis - USA - (28 December 2001)
I received the program a day or two before Christmas and it works great!  The kids are very excited about it and it's helping me to be a better teacher for them. Thanks again Steve Theo
* Nikolaos Tomaras - USA - (24 December 2001)
I love your program is very informative and easy to use.
* Stephen & Beryl McDonald - AUSTRALIA - (12 December 2001)
Great program George.
* George and Pat Azar - USA - (03 December 2001)
My son and I really like the program. It's fun and interesting. I am a

paramedic and I carry my laptop to work with me and use the program when
not running calls.
Glad I found you on the web, its a great program.
* Thomas Halliday - UK - (26 November 2001)
I am pleased with the software Read and Speak Greek. The order number is
4296 please send me the password as soon as posible. Thank you
* Heather Reid - USA - (1 November 2001)

I bought your "Read & Speak Greek" CD rom in 1997.  I didn't get too far
with it, then, last summer I started with it again and went through the
whole thing methodically in about 8 weeks.  I must say that it is very
helpful and a great way to learn the language.  Once I had finished, I
bought another "intermediate" CD rom, but it isn't nearly as well designed
as yours and hasn't been much help.
What I'd like to know is how different the new CD is from the old and/or
what you would recommend to go further.
I've been learning the modern language to facilitate my study of Classical
Greek (since I'm a good auditory learner of languages and travel to Greece
for conferences) so I'd also be interested in the Classical CD rom when it
is ready.
Eucharisto polu,
Heather Reid
Dr. Heather L. Reid
Asst. Professor of Philosophy
Morningside College
* Diane Diamantis - USA - (18 September 2001)
I bought Read and Speak Greek and am now homeschooling myself and my 2

children. My son took Greek School at church for 2 years and they never
taught him the alphabet.  We do Greek School at home on Mondays, and from
the first Monday to the 2nd Monday, my son has learned the alphabet!
* Kenneth Bromwich - UK - (16 September 2001)

The initial test run without the password I found most satisfactory.
* Rebekah Ryer - USA - (30 July 2001)

I recently ordered the Read and Speak Greek CD-ROM - I LOVE IT!!!
* Keiran O'Neill - UK - (12 March 2001)
Now we can carry on with our lessons, we have been interested in learning the language for sometime and we have been using the liguaphone course, which is OK but the grammar in the books is difficult to follow, where as your course is clear and better laid out and more interesting.
* John W. Schmieding -USA - (13 March 2001)
I purchased Read and Speak Greek on 02/20/01, please send me my password so I can continue using this wonderful product!
* Miriam E. Donaldson -USA - (4 March 2001)

I am delighted with the trial version of the “Read and Speak Greek”.
* Christine Prodes -USA - (22 January 2001)

I really love the CD and am looking forward to becoming fluent in the Greek language.  Thank you very much!!
* John Thodos -USA - (20 January 2001)

I ordered the Greek program some months ago for my wife who said that after several trips to Greece that she would like to learn "some" Greek out of respect for the people when we visit the country.
Frankly we were not sure how your program would work out - to your credit it worked out very well - she begins each morning doing her drills - she has praised your program to too many people - and I have also started to work on my Greek grammar and vocabulary after seeing how successful my wife's progremm has been.
* Gary Phillips - UK - (7 January 2001)
My name is Gary Phillips, my wife  Janet bought me your Read and Speak Greek CD as a Christmas present. I have been interested in and trying to learn the language since my first visit to Greece some 8 or 9 years ago, I only wish this product was available then.It is far superior than trying to learn from books (no pronunciation ) and the point and click format of computers leaves cassettes way behind. I have been searching for something like this for years,thank you....Please feel free to quote me, as a satisfied customer I can willingly recommend your Read and Speak Greek CD.

Many thanks again, to you and your wife for an excellent product.
* Dr E. Charles Nelson - UK - (19 September 2000)
Please send password for Read and speak Greek.  I was amazed to receive this package this morning! Many thanks. It looks and sounds excellent.
* Michael Vlahos - CANADA - (11 September 2000)
And thanks again for developing a great language teaching product....
* Michael Panza - USA - (10 September 2000)
I just ordered your Read and Speak Greek/CDROM v. 3.0.  I think it is a wonderful program. Please send me a password...

* Taki Christopoulos - CANADA - (15 July 2000)
Hello George , I love your program ...
* Karletta Dionysiou - AUSTRALIA - (18 April 2000)
Hello, I am from Australia and I purchased your CD Rom, "Read and Speak Greek" sometime ago.  I am finding the lessons excellent and am not only learning but enjoying the
lessons.  It is an excellent tool.  Thank you....
* Kathy Poole  - USA - (1 April 2000)
I am finding the program really useful and an interesting and effective way of learning the language, ...

* Ignacio Maya - MEXICO - (29 March 2000)
I  have recieved the course that I bought you. It is excellent!

* David Lopez - USA - (25 February 2000)
I received the CD you sent me. This is the best Greek resource I've ever seen.

* Judy Waller - USA - (06 September 1999)
Hi!  I have received your program "Read and Speak Greek".  It is one of the best I have seen.  Believe me, I have been through at least a dozen different programs.  Your program is the best I have seen.  Thank you for your efforts.

* Sally Stavros - USA - (20 May 1999)
I have waited a few months to give you feedback because I wanted to be sure that my progress continued. I should tell you that I am a retired Assistant Superintendent of Schools here in Michigan and despite much success in other academic areas, I have had a life long impression that I would never learn a foreign language. Your CD ROM lessons have proven to me that even at my age (sixty plus) and with my negative history of foreign language endeavors, I can and am learning. I cannot read Plato in the original but progress is very evident and I am confident that next time I go to Greece -- probably next year -- I will have some vocabulary at my command which will enable me to communicate. If you ever need an unsolicited testimonial, you can call on me. ... In the meantime, I will tell anyone you wish to have contact me that I think the CD ROM which I purchased from you is wonderful.

* Adrienne H. Wyrick - USA -
I just wanted to congratulate you and your staff on a wonderful CDRom "Read and Speak Greek".  I purchased it about a year ago and now I can follow the Divine Liturgy at church as well as the Easter Services all in Greek.  I don't get lost anymore. ...Thank you so much.

* Tony Hatzis - Australia
Received your product on Thursday 12 February. Many Thanks to you and Toula. Am very impressed.. My 7 year old learned to recite the alphabet in one night and is rapidly building her vocabulary.

* Linda Taylor - Australia -
While I thoroughly enjoyed your article about the various language programs, I have found that if you want more than French, German, Italian or Spanish, to wit, Greek for instance,  you have to search for he proverbial "hen's tooth".  However, just for the record, let me tell you of a fantastic CD I found on the internet.  It is from and covers grades 1-6 very extensively (all 550mg of it)  It has verbal and visual examples, with printout tests and graphics. ...  I can't speak highly enough of it.
* Joseph B. Vocke - USA
I received the Greek CD-ROM yesterday, and installed it this morning. It is EXCELLENT, and I am sure that I will get a lot of use out of it. This is going to complement my other grammatical book nicely !
Thank you so much for putting out a quality product !
EYXAPISTW !! Now I am more excited for my trip to Thessaloniki than ever !!!
* John L. Chickeness Sr. - USA -
Hello George and Toula:
Just a note to let you know that I received and installed your Read and Speak Greek program ..First it was the best and easiest instructions for installation that I have seen in my 10 years working with different  computer software...Secondly the program is just super. My wife and I will be speaking and reading and writing Greek in no time at all.
Thank you for being there...
God Bless....John and Audry Chickness

* Lilly Fotiadis - USA -
My name is Lilly Fotiadis and I own your Read & Speak Greek CD,and I love it!  My husbaand is very proud of the progress I've made since I bought it.  One thing I would like to be able to do is to be able to print more sections, particularly the grammar & the parts of speech sections.     Do you have any plans to update the program or maybe make a part two?  I'd buy it in an instant.
          Thanks for making my Greek lessons fun!
* Pearl Bithos - USA -

I can't believe how wonderful the cdrom is!!!!  Father Steve & I have been looking through it for the past hour.  When we received it this afternoon, I loaded it on my computer, and our 12 1/2 year old & 11 year old daughters were very curious and interested.  This is just what I am looking for.  Greek school at home!!  This way, we can still do our outside activities and spend time as a family learning the greek language.  Thank you very much for developing this program.

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